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Press Pause Therapies...


Justine and Nicole have established a small practice together at 11 Morgan Terrace Bardon, Queensland 4065. 

The premises has spaces for individual sessions and for workshops. In 2020 Justine and Nicole have also welcomed three other therapists to Press Pause:

Dr Andrew Roberts; Psychiatrist MONDAYS

Please see Andrew's website for further information

Steph Goldston; Family Therapist and Occupational Therapist

Laura Hawkins; Family Therapist and Occupational Therapist

TUESDAYS- please see Steph and Laura's website for further information https://www.launchtherapy.com.au

How Justine and Nicole's collaboration began:


As colleagues with shared interests in creativity and innovative approaches to therapy, we decided to start developing some creative arts workshops for submission at the 2014 Woodford Folk Festival. Our submission was accepted and we ran three sold out workshops that were the beginning of an exciting collaboration for us. Over the past few years we have continued to run a private practice space together and run workshops. In 2020 we continue to enjoy bringing a skilled and fresh approach to working with images, assemblage and other creative adventures in a workshop setting. 


Although our individual therapeutic practices draw from different training backgrounds, together we share a committment to person centred practice and an appreciation of playfulness and humour in the way we run our premises and our groups. 


On the website contact page you will find a form where you can make contact with us. An information sheet for GPs and participants regarding past workshop details and REBATES can be found here. 

Clinical Supervision Groups:

Justine and Nicole are both recognised as Clinical Supervisors by their membership organisations (AASW and ANZACATA, ACA). Supervision is offered individually or in groups. Groups are run at Press Pause or at your workplace by either Justine or Nicole or both for larger groups. The groups are suitable for all mental health professionals. Please contact us for further information or a quote for your group of colleagues or workplace. 


Creative Arts workshops:

Taking place at Press Pause, these workshops are all about a supported exploration of materials and creativity- they are not art lessons nor are they art therapy groups as such, although there is no doubt the process can feel therapeutic. They are a creative and intriguing way to look at issues/concerns/hopes/reflections that are relevant and important to you. In 2020 we will be offering four workshops, the first one on January 5th. In February we will be offering a early bird fee for booking the three remaining 2020 workshops and we encourage you to book all three sessions if possible as this will allow you a unique opportunity to take time for reflection and meaning making throughout your year.

Further 2020 Dates: TBA


Professional Development WORKSHOPS 

"Using art and creativity in clinical practice' 

facilitated by Justine


Information sessions and workshops for health professionals, small clinics and mental health teams. 


These workshops have been based on the many enquiries I receive from professionals in the field of health regarding creativity, art making and art therapy in clinical practice. These workshops are generally run at your work site and are developed alongside  your areas of interest.


Please contact Justine: drawingroom@mail.com


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